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Value Add Games also presents board games as excellent material for the promotion of your brand, your products, and your mission!

We are offering you the service of creating bespoke board games.


What exactly are bespoke board games?


We can separate them into 3 rough categories:



We can adapt a classic game (e.g., Black Peter, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, etc.) or a puzzle to your promotional characters.

Added value: The games are made with a high level of professionalism and quality. We produce the games in Germany and Poland.

We adapt the storyline and the rules to your theme.



This is a very popular option, since it offers something familiar but still comes with unique add-ons.

Our game designers create a variation of a classic board game or a new, simple game in accordance with the theme your company would like to feature.


Here’s an example of a classic game with an addition: A bank would like to have a board game to target their young savers.  We prepare a simple board game (a variation of an existing game) where the goal is to save the most coins. Naturally, the game is visually and thematically completely adapted to your specifications.



Here we offer a range of games starting with simple games for children, to fun games for the whole family, as well as strategic board games for exciting evenings.

Another added value of these games is that we don’t ‘preach’ with your chosen theme. While it’s there and present the whole time, the focus of the game is on having fun and playing well, so the game is truly usable and not there to serve no one but itself.


An example of a game for children/the whole family: A company that produces food supplements wants to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy diet. In the game, players with healthy food get the ideal combination of vitamins. Food supplements can help them win the game, but they need to be taken in the right balance, which is determined by the well thought out mechanics of the game. A card game, appropriate for every purse.


An example of a more complex game: An organization, which raises awareness of environmental changes, wants a game that would involve as many real causes of climate change as possible and its consequences. In the game, humanity is facing shortages due to climate change and environmental migration, and it is also necessary to influence politics … A whole spectrum of circumstances that we must deal with and act responsibly to prevent the collapse of humanity. It’s intense and very illuminating!



For the development of the games we work with:

  • Top game designers from different parts of Europe; we also work closely with a Polish university (KazimierzWielki) and their Game Design department,
  • Top Slovenian illustrators and designers,
  • And European producers.

This guaranties the highest quality of our products.


Be among the first in Italy to have your own, professional board game to represent your company, your products, and your mission!


For a quote or additional information please send an email to

or call: 0820 57765.


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