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Value Add Games is a publishing company specializing in the elopement and publishing of board games. Our team is made up of a group of professional and enthusiastic game designers and a dedicated team of administrative and sales staff.

We found each other so that we can take on interesting challenges the world of board games offers; they are not only entertaining but also educational. And we are absolutely in love with the fact that we can create and publish exactly such games!


The mission of our company is clear in the name itself: our games add value! The added value of our products is expressed in:

• the added value for the players because it brings playfulness, fun and educational content,
• the added value for our business partners because we, together with and for them, develop games that add to their mission,
• the added value for society as a whole because we encourage the development of games that change social values. Environmental protection, fair trade, human rights, and social justice are some of the topics particularly close to our hearts.

Although the goal of every company, including ours, is to make a profit, we are also striving towards higher goals. We want to use our products to add our own drops to the sea of a more equitable and socially responsible world.



We are men of our word. True, our director is actually a woman, but she does have plenty of words and you can totally and completely trust everything we say


We highly value our partners. We invest time and energy to create, develop, and maintain healthy and productive partnerships all across our supply chain.


What we deliver to our partners or players, sis always somewhere on the continuum between great and brilliant!


We have long ago discovered that communication in its many forms and expressions is the essential thing that enables us to create our game designs, concepts, box designs… games! Therefore, we strive to be true communication athletes.


In today’s business models that work, not much can be achieved by doing it solo. We enjoy growing professionally and personally by working with many different people. And we’re always open to new collaborations!


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